Monday, January 25, 2010

Thick Lotion Like Discharge Im 3dpo And Losing Think White Creamy Discharge Its Like Thick Lotion Cream Has Any1 One Had That?

Im 3dpo and losing think white creamy discharge its like thick lotion cream has any1 one had that? - thick lotion like discharge

i ovulate until next Sunday, when the positive attitude of the same color


wooden ducks <3 said...

For me, this is normal :-)
Normally I have to type CM CM lotion before the egg white, then after a few days and then dried. It is probably quite normal :-) I have a couple of days before my ansteht AF, and. Once you start TTC for a few months to see a regular pattern when it comes to CM. We hope, however, dust *** *** If your child tries to understand! And you do not need to notice a pattern, because this is your month!

Britt said...

Probably the result of ovulation, but if there is something that you already have courses in OB / GYN. Is it itching or come with a bad smell? Even if you say no to these questions, you will probably ovulate only ..... Recalls that avg.12 36 hours after ovulation a positive OPK.


PG after 4.5 yrs! Stick baby!! said...

Yes, I get that every cycle ... nothing does not mean "read ... shows that we are in an infertile phase of the cycle. This does not mean that you are PG or not ... Although it is too early to pass something, but still.

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